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DINIS API + Toolkit

The DINIS(E) External API provides interface access methods to allow DINIS(E) to interoperate with other applications. It also enables the development, using the toolkit, of customised add-on applications to the standard DINIS(E) V6 program.

Main API Features

Triggers DINIS to load networks and run analyses.
Extracts data and results from individual objects or from the overall circuit.
Traverse the set of selected network objects and change the set of selected objects.
Change the properties of individual network objects.
Change the application mode, lock the selection and launch any function available from the main DINIS menu.

Main API Toolkit Features

Client applications can be developed using the API Toolkit, with scripting facilitated by TCL/Tk 8.0 and the macro recorder. Applications can developed using Java, Tcl/Tk or any Ole Automation (or ActiveX) aware developement tool, such as Visual Basic or Delphi. Examples of such applications include :-

Reporting programs which automatically run analyses, extract the raw results and insert them into spreadsheets in the form required by a particular customer.
Applications which make global changes to the loaded network similar in form to the built-in global changes facility.
Applications which run sequences of analyses interspersed by global load upgrades or downgrades.
Reporting applications can be written in Microsoft Visual Basic running in conjunction with, for example, Microsoft Excel on a networked PC (with Windows 95 or Windows NT).
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