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Debut Module

Main Features

Provides an interactive, graphics-based means of designing distribution networks, using the most economic cables and transformers
Carry out basic electrical analysis of low voltage electrical networks
Consumer types defined by 24hr load profile with allowance for weekends. Consumer profiles are user definable and 200 typical profiles are included with base software
Transformer types can be fixed or left to DINIS - Debut to design
Cable sizes can be fixed or left to DINIS - Debut to design, including optimisation over 3, 2, and single phase loading (4 wire)
Fault level calculation ensures correct fusing
Practical cable selection limits are included, such as minimum economical lengths and maximum number of types
Load patterns can be entered as a single point or distributed along cables
Each point can be allocated as a known load profile for a given customer. Individual points may have multiple profiles
Multiple consumer types can be allocated to each cable
Graphical input and update of networks
Relate network graphical data to geographic coordinates
Cost of losses, maximum voltage drop, recommended fusing and capitalised losses are included in the output summary

Other Features

Display adjoining networks in graphical form
Display associated attribute data
Use standalone or in conjunction with the full DINIS system
Interfaces to both DINIS - Map Server/Editor and DINIS - Map Backgrounds modules
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