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Fault Study Package

Identifies areas of network that are not satisfactory in terms of their resilience against potential faults, particularly meshed lv networks with reverse power sensing protective devices.

Analysis Features include:

Operation either automatically in sequence or in interactive mode
Placement of faults at selected locations, with clearance sequences modelled
Subsequent loadflow checks of network behaviour under predetermined load conditions, including distributed load
Identification of load at risk under planned running configurations
Checking for support via fuses and for backfeed through transformers where possible
Calculation of fault levels at all nodes, checks are made to ensure that minimum and maximum fault levels are not exceeded
Selection of various fault conditions including L-L-L-G, L-L and L-G

Extends the standard load allocation facility within DINIS to model distribution of load on low voltage systems using primary infeed data, subtracting known loads and apportioning other loads to give an improved view of system loading.

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