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Load Management Module

Main Features

Plan future network requirements
Project capital requirements
Ten different growth categories can be defined each having a unique 10 year growth/decay profile for 3 types of load
Full load flow analysis can be invoked to sequentially analyse each period and accumulate losses adjusted to present day depreciated cost values
Network areas for growth can be specified by free polygon draw. Polygons can overlap or be enclosed
Uses time switches to enable and disable existing or new circuit elements at specified intervals
"Snap-shot" load flow analysis can be applied to any period in the study
Line current checking against winter rating

Other Features

Load profiles are easily changed on a geographic basis using free polygons
Any snap-shot year can be extracted into a DINIS personal file
Display and plot the result of the analysis
Maximum current overload and voltage drop limits are user selectable
All standard DINIS facilities available for network update and results display
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