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Protection Co-ordination Module

Main Features

Static model of power system - voltage behind subtransient reactance modelling of rotating machines
Wide range of protective devices including:
IDMTL relays
Miniature or molded case circuit breakers (MCBs)
Phase quantities used for device operation
Fault types include L-L, L-G, L-L-G, L-L-L-G with optional fault path impedence
Relays open switches with time delays, and can operate any switch
Switches can be operated by more than one relay
Other devices switch out connected element without delays

Other Features

Default settings in library - up to 100 variations for any supported device
Unique settings for individual relays without limit
Device data in pre-defined tables in library
Graphical display of device operating curves and fault currents
Study stages end when system is switched - hold/continue facility for stepping through analysis or amending settings and re-starting
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