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DINIS Rdb Access

DINIS(E) Relational Database (RDB) access provides the ability to store, update, share and retrieve DINIS(E) master network data in an Oracle 7.3.x or 8.0.x relational database management system.

Main Features

Storage and updating of the master network in the Oracle 7.3.x or 8.0.x relational data base.
Retrieval of master network data by co-ordinate, by feeder and by node.
Storage, retrieval and updating of the symbol library (both balanced and unbalanced data), the line code library (both simple and compound line codes) and enquiry mode text.
Storage, retrieval and updating of the Master Index Map.
Storage, retrieval and updating of master network data for the modules, Unbalanced Load Flow, Protection Co-ordination and Transient Stability.
The RDBMS provides full backup and recovery facilities for security and resilience of DINIS(E) data.
The DINIS(E) RDB provides the ability to use the full range of RDBMS report generation tools on the data stored in the RDB.
Remote database access provides the ability to locate the DINIS(E) database on either a local or remote platform. It also enables the ability to split the database across disc partitions.
Ad-hoc queries can be used to access a DINIS(E) database via query tools, such as those supplied with the RDBMS. Such tools can also be used to update data.

Export and import facilities of the RDBMS can be used, which allows data to be copied between the database and ASCII files for transfer between systems.

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