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Transient Stability Module

Main Features

Comprehensive modelling of power system

Infinate bus capability
Modeling of synchronous machines
Voltage behind transient reactance
Parks' equations with AVR and governor modelling
Dynamic modelling of induction machines

Assessment of dynamic behaviour of system when subjected to:

Small disturbances (steady state stability)
Loss or application of loads
Loss of generation
Switching in or out of system shunt or branch elements
Coarse sychronising of generators or disconnected networks
System faults, three phase and unbalanced
Starting of large motors, synchronous or induction
Failure of control devices, AVRs or Speed Governors

Other Features

AVR models

IEEE 1968 report - types 1, 2 and 3 in supplied library
general modelling capability in program

Speed governor/engine models:

General purpose steam/diesel/hydro in supplied library
General modelling capability in program including twin shaft gas turbines and multi-cylinder steam turbines

Minimal additional data

Study controls and set-up use standard DINIS inter-active graphics

Graphical display of selected variables during studies

Comprehensive tabulations of data and results if required for post-study interrogation or report

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